Kidney manifestations of diabetes mellitus – A Review

  • Swaminathan S. Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Biochemistry, Apollo Speciality Hospitals, No. 64, Vanagaram to Ambattur Main Road, Ayanambakkam, Chennai – 600 095.
  • Rajeswari S. Assistant Manager QA & QC, Trivitron Health Care Pvt Ltd, A2 & A3 SIPCOT, Irrungattukottai, Sriperumbudur, Chennai
  • Wasim Mohideen Director of Preventive & Wellness Medicine, Techmed Health Centre & Diagnostic Pvt Ltd, No: 01, Siva Building, Krishna Street, off North Usman Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017
Keywords: DM, T2DM, ESRD, CKD, GFR, HbA1C, MA


    The prevalence of diabetes mellitus, especially T2DM is on the increase worldwide and in a developing country like india, as of date approximately 30 – 40% of population are identified as having DM. Sedentary life style, obesity, increased BMI, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, delayed diagnosis and metabolic syndrome are some of the factors  that lead to the development of DM. Extensive research have been conducted in this field and still more studies are being undertaken. The first organ affected in all uncontrolled DM patients is the kidney, followed by liver and cardiac. Kidney disease predominantly account for increased mortality among T2DM and is the main cause of CKD as well as DN. Treatment of CKD  due to  uncontrolled T2DM is still controversial because of the scarcity of evidence available. MA plays a significant role in screening pre and established DM.  Increased levels of urate is identified as one of the metabolic disturbances in T2DM. This review article summaries the research findings during the last two decades on the manifestations of kidney disease in T2DM.


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